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Charlottesville Identity & Design Competition

Charlottesville, VA

The crisis of monuments is a crisis of static permanence. As social and cultural values evolve towards better futures, a monument may lose its relevance; its fixed image becoming problematic. Charlottesville does not need another monument, but rather a dynamic shared architecture that embraces its social diversity and accommodates multiple uses, activities, and expressions. “Flexible Fixture” is adaptable installation that does not have a determinate form, but instead a range of possible configurations. Like a giant, inhabitable slinky, it can be compacted into a singular object, as well as stretched into a multi-venue pavilion to allow for varied uses and adaptations over time. In this way, the installation represents and supports different groups, individuals, and voices at once. As a participatory framework, “Flexible Fixture” invites users to come together and adapt its form as an ongoing collective exchange.